Enrollment Needs

Benefits Communications


Employee Benefits Communication lets employees understand their benefits choices and options. Effective communication of the benefits is as important as the benefits themselves.

Employee satisfaction improves with better benefits communication. Studies have demonstrated that when employees fully understand the range of plan benefits and options offered, they not only appreciate them better but value their employer better as well.

Multiple studies have shown the importance of effective benefits communication on employee perceptions of their employers. One study noted that the better the rating for communication efforts, the more positively employees felt about the quality of their employer and their loyalty towards them.


Everyone agrees that it is important to effectively communicate the features and benefits of plans to the employees. However, effective communication of plan benefits can be complicated. It may be difficult to reach field employees, costly to take them off the job for orientations and enrollments, or simply too difficult to get people to actually read and comprehend the information provided.

The reality is that finding an effective way to get employees to understand and appreciate their benefits is an elusive goal for many organizations. "Let Us Benefit You!"