Affordable Worksite Benefits & Health/Life Insurance

Why Offer Voluntary Benefits?
In our experience, we’ve come to understand that the employers we work with care deeply about providing insurance protection to their employees. At the same time, employers have to balance the realities of controlling costs and finding simple ways to manage their benefits. By listening to you, and understanding what you care about, we can provide voluntary insurance solutions to accomplish your goals.

By offering voluntary, employers have options to balance the need for benefits protection against the reality of controlling costs: 

~ Benefits can be offered at no additional cost to employers 

~ Voluntary protection complements high-deductible health plans 

~ Offering voluntary provides access to value-added services 

Employees Want Voluntary Benefits!
Employees value the flexibility that voluntary products provide and appreciate the ability to fill gaps in their medical plan. 62% of employees under age 50 would not take a job if voluntary benefits were not offered.  

Improving The Workplace
Voluntary benefits can play an important role in creating a happier and more productive workplace. 7 in 10 employers offer voluntary benefits to improve morale for their existing employees and to attract and retain new talent.

Voluntary Can Help Simplify Benefits
Offering voluntary products is the first step, but working with Remus Benefits Group also gives you access to the services and solutions that can help eliminate headaches. 


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